Life is not scripted, neither is good research: Embracing improvisation to deliver authentic insights

In this “play-experience,” you will:

  • Start to feel what it’s like to adopt an improvisational mindset (and body-set), something you can incorporate into your research projects (and interpersonal relationships) through conscious practice.
  • Learn the fundamentals of improv by getting on your feet and playing games that you can use to improve your research, communications, collaborations, co-creations and meetings.
  • Learn techniques to get to emotional responses more quickly by living an experience that ultimately leads to deep insights we need to uncover.
  • Have more fun than usual during the presentation parts of a research conference, and walk away feeling invigorated and inspired (but not until after the presentation, please!).

Location: Main Room Date: March 21, 2019 Time: 1:30 pm - 2:15 pm Marc Engel, Engel Research Partners Pascal Patenaude, Patenaude Research & Communications