Rebecca Herrington, USAID Global Developmental Lab

Developmental Evaluator
Rebecca is the Developmental Evaluator for the USAID Global Development Lab with Social Impact. She is currently designing, implementing, and testing a developmental evaluation focusing on what works and active adaptation of scaling, integration, and acceleration of innovative programming to improve development outcomes. Before working at Social Impact, Rebecca was the Senior Program Manager for the Institutional Learning Team at Search for Common Ground, managing and providing technical expertise for all externally-facing design, monitoring, and evaluation (DM&E) projects; including four USAID R&D awards, an expanded UNICEF partnership, and further development of fundraising strategies. As part of these efforts, she worked with 14 countries to provide technical DM&E support to UNICEF’s 150 million-Euro Peacebuilding, Education, and Advocacy program, including publication of the Emerging Practices Guide. She is a monitoring, evaluation, and learning technical specialist with 10 years experience and a conflict specialization that encompasses work in complexity aware monitoring, peacebuilding and education, strategies for shared societies, and preventing violent extremism. Rebecca has field and academic experience throughout Central America, MENA, and East Africa, with over 5 years living and working abroad in rural, conflict-affected and transitional communities. Her skillset is further grounded in dual Masters degrees in International Development and Conflict Management from Brandeis University

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