Greg Clayton, Kadence International

Managing Director

Greg Clayton has 15 years of global insight experience, built up in Europe, the US and Asia. After 6 wonderful years as MD of Kadence’s Singapore office, he’s has recently taken on the exciting new challenge of heading up Kadence’s UK team.

Responsible for having developed Kadence’s Insight proposition (Insight Worth Sharing), Greg is a strong advocate of immersive research methodologies and impactful, immediately accessible reporting. A regular speaker at conferences in Europe, the US and Asia – Greg actually chaired the Qual 360 Conference in Singapore back in 2014.

He’s has worked with Dow Jones across many of their brands (Wall Street Journal, Barrons and Mansion Global) across Asia, Europe and the US for a number of years. As father of 3 young girls (ages 4, 2 and 1!), Greg has forgotten what free-time and hobbies are – but still squeeze in some cycling and the occasional game of football!

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