Pascal Patenaude, Patenaude Research & Communications

Founder & Principal

Pascal Patenaude has more than 18 years of experience in the qualitative research industry. Since 2012, he is the president and founder of Patenaude Research and Communications, a qualitative research consulting company specializing in the French Canadian culture. Pascal is a professional actor trained at the National Theatre School of Canada, and has utilized his acting skills in his researcher and moderator roles. He has been applying improvisational theatre in role-playing exercises, ideation sessions, engaging ice-breaker games and facilitating behavioral training. His background in theatre arts has left him with a charismatic presence matched with a talent for reading people and the ability to respond quickly to changes. Pascal brings a dynamic, creative, flexible and human approach to his work. Pascal was amongst the first to utilize advance online techniques such as chat based groups, bulletin boards, online focus groups, webcam interviews and has been moderating online communities through out the world. Pascal is using “Play Based Exercises” to yield more meaningful conversations, with his online and face to face projects.

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