Tammy Snow, Expedia

Director User Experience Research

Tammy is the Director of Research for Brand Expedia Group. She joined Expedia in 2012 as one of three researchers. As the leader of user research, she has successfully grown the team to include 20 researchers who work across 9 countries. The Expedia Research team is an industry leader in delivering user insights related to product functionality, usability, appeal & customer delight. Tammy started her career as a user researcher in 1992. She spent several years working for WordPerfect, Novell, and Microsoft before leaving the corporate world to work as an independent UX consultant. After working on several unique and fun projects she made her way back to the corporate world at Expedia, where she has had the good fortune of finding some of the most interesting research challenges of her career. She now fancies herself as a “finder of delight” which makes discussions about what she does very interesting!

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